Finnish Diabolo & Yo-yo Nationals 2010 -report


This year both Diabolo and Yo-yo nationals were held together forming a nice 3-day event. The event gathered 26 contestants and over 150 people showed up to watch the event. Theatre in the middle of industry / old wooden house suburbs offered perfect surroundings for the national contests this year. The exact location of the contests was Barker -Theatre in Turku.


All divisions were judged by panel of experienced judges. In the middle of volcanic ash we were amazingly lucky to get our judges in country with the first ongoing flights after the eruption in Iceland. Head judge for yo-yo contests was Marcus Springer (aka. Jumper) from Germany. Secondary judges for yo-yoing were Stephen Langley (aka. Langerz) from the UK and Lars Rivinius (representing Finnish Yo-yo Association).  Judging 2minute freestyles was executed by clickers and due to the small amount of competitors prelims weren’t necessary. Divisions held this year were 1A, X and Ladder.  As usual the 1A-division was the most popular division by 10 contestants following X-division (5 contestants) and Ladder (4 contestants).  Results and point tables for yo-yo contests are here:




Place Players Name Overall Score

1 Kusti Aholainen 94,33

2 Marko Akkanen 88,94

3 Saska Särkilahti 86,29

4 Johan Bäck 73,92

5 Akseli Takanen 58,56

6 Aaro Kontio 48,82

7 Samuli Männistö 33,92

8 Ville-Pekka Turpeinen 33,59

9 Jarmo Humalajärvi 32,82

10 Toivo Kautto 27,80



1 Saska Särkilähti 100,00

2 Marko Akkanen 77,35

3 Samuli Männistö 29,33

4 Otto Lindquist 26,38

5 Aaro Kontio 26,08





1. Ahti Herttua

2. Jyri Isomäki

3. Atso Sariola

4. Tommi Ollikainen





In diabolo sports our head judge was Mr. Langerz (UK). Secondary judge was Ville Piiparinen (representative of FDA). These judges were helped

out by Saska Särkilahti (judging mens series) and Marko Akkanen (judging youth and women -divisions). The most popular and anticipated event was mens series which gathered 9 contestans and lasted for two complete days, featuring 12 freestyle -divisions and 3 obligatory sport events. This year we had also the honor of opening up womens -division for the first time in Diabolo history. Divisions for women and youth were eased to one freestyle due to the small amount of contestants (1 in each division).  Overall results for Diabolo nationals are:




1 Aaro Kontio 51

2 Miro Kaiponen 38

3 Marko Akkanen 36

4 Tommi Ollikainen 32

5 Samuli Männistö 31

6 Antti Nerg 30

7 Jussi Jaakkosela 26

8 Atte Mattson 19

9 Henry Mattson 8




1 Katri Janatuinen 25,67 pts




1 Isac Nyman



More exact result tables for diabolo sports can be found from Finnish Diabolo Associations webpage.




The event would not have been possible without following sponsors:

Finnish Diabolo Association

Finnish Yo-yo Association

Sirkus Supiainen


I love yoyo



OneDrop yoyo’s


La Tienda Del Yoyo


Mr. Babache

Sirkus Kumiankka



Pilailu Puoti

Meanfish Inc.



To the event we had also privilege to get the two most dedicated juggling  shops in whole Finland. Big thanks goes to Kaitsu representing Sirkussirkus and Marko and Aaro representing Sirkus Kumiankka. Also we had one stand for both associations, big thanks for all the patience and voluntary work for the associations goes to Janne Laakso.

The grande finale for the event was the gala show that featured our foreign performers and most of the brightest talents in diabolo and yo-yo. The show was amazing. We are really proud of all our players and sportsmen who seem to improve their skill every year. It is also delight to see new names to climb up the record lists. We are happy to inform you that we have already started to make arrangements for Diabolo and Yo-yo nationals 2011 which will be held again at Barker theatre in Turku during the spring. We hope to have even bigger event with more players, more sportsmen with skills that will amaze us again.