2006, Jönköping

Jönköping, Sweden. 25. – 28.5. 2006. http://njc2006.fjong.org/

Organized by: Great Balls and Fire (the juggling club of Jönköping)
In co-operation with: Fritidsjonglörerna
With support of: Jönköpings kommun

Sponsored by:
JBO — Prizes for the competitions
Fler bollar i Luften — Prizes for the competitions
Wiggerballs — Prizes for the competitions
Jonglering.se — breakfast cereals
Minpin – Good deal for the badge!

The Nordic Juggling convention 2006 was organized by Great Balls and Fire, the juggling club of Jönköping. Great Balls and Fire have organized the yearly convention in Jönköping four years in a row and now it was time for NJC. For the activities around the NJC06, Great Balls and Fire had assistance from Fritidsjonglörerna. We are proud to have Jönköpings kommun as a partner in NJC2006.
The convention was held at Ungdomens Hus, Huskvarnavägen 38, Jönköping. There was a small café open at the site during Wednesday-Friday with food and drinks. Accoomodation was organized to happen at a school, close to the convention centre.

Wednesday 24.5.
Arrival day. We open the doors at 16:00.

Thursday 25.5.
Open Stage

Friday 26.5.
Barbeque evening at the lake
Presentation of long-burning torch

Saturday 27.5.
Juggling with marching bands at a big reception in the city center!
Public show, Jönköping, HLK:s aula, at 18.30
Viktor Gyllenberg and Peter Åberg, ‘Look Sharp’-performance
Pär Söderlund
Pontus Uggla
Mattias Jönsson
Petter Wadsten

Sunday 28.5.
Clean up
Hugs, kisses and goodbyes

Siteswap Theory
Passing Siteswaps, Staffan+Fredrik
Causal Diagram, Theory Staffan
Passing Siteswaps, Staffan+Fredrik
Feeding Siteswaps, Staffan+Fredrik+Kim+Annika
Warm-up and stretch for Jugglers, Joacim
SiteSwaps 3-7 balls – theory and practice – part 1 theory, Pontus Uggla
SiteSwaps 3-7 balls – theory and practice – part 2 advanced practice, Pontus Uggla
Sync patterns 3-7 balls – from (6,4)(clap) to (6x, [4x,4])(2,4x)*, Pontus Uggla
Mills Mess – part 1, Pontus Uggla
Mills Mess – part 2 Extensions as Burkes Barrage, body throws etc, Pontus Uggla
Georgan shuffle – learn to create own patterns from simple patterns and bodythrows, Pontus Uggla
Club Swinging – from cross-follow to fountain, Pontus Uggla
5+ – Tricks and techniques with more than 5 balls, clubs or rings, Pontus Uggla
3-ball-mania – Lots of three-ball-tricks. We get everyone a problem to work on!, Pontus Uggla
3-club-mania – Lots of three-club-tricks. We get everyone a problem to work on!, Pontus Uggla
Two-people three-clubs/balls and fun stuff as steals and grabs, Micke and Stefan

Traders at the convention
JBO Gögl
Fler bollar i luften

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