Ben Beever 2002 NJC

As our first history project we would like to gather all possible information about past NJC:s, if you have photos, momeries, videos of those, we would love to get them. It is history of all of us. We care about our culture.

And here’s Ben Beever from 2002 NJC:

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Can you help us to find all the info of our past?


I attended my first juggling convention in 86, which was the 2. Nordic Convention held in Copenhagen. And I have been to almost all of the conventions since. We organiced Nordic Conventions in Aalborg in 90, 92, 96 and in 01/02 (I’m not sure about the years, but can find out).
My material is posters, somethings from newspapers and some videos (vhs – I hope there’s something to be seen on them still…). At some of the first conventions a newspaper came out: The Throw Up Times. I might have one or two issues. Copenhagen television TV Stop made a program about Jugglers against Gravity at one of the early conventions – it is also somewhere in a box.
Things are in boxes around in my house and it may take som time to find it all, but I’ll start working on it now.
Nordic in Helsinki 2011 ? Date? We hope to be able to make a grouptour from Aalborg.


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